Extend Your Reach And Focus On Your Business

Save your time and give your clients the convenience of online scheduling.


Your clients see when your staff is available according to your scheduling rules.

  • Customize when you or your staff are available and the types of appointments they will accept. Only available times are displayed to your clients.
  • You can use different forms and scheduling options for each type of appointment.
  • Use check-in and check-out times to record actual appointment times.
  • Support scheduling by time of day or full days, with fixed or minimum and maximum durations.
  • Automatically create and update Zoom meetings associated with your appointments based on your and your clients' preferences.
  • Save your time by allowing your clients to cancel their appointments.
  • You can also provide scheduling for meeting rooms, equipment, or anything else.


If you have offices at different locations, or different meeting places within the same building, or if you want to provide the option to meet at your client's office or to meet through Zoom, you can specify multiple locations so your clients can select where they wish to meet based on the type of appointment.


Get the information you want from your clients with custom forms that can be used on any device.

  • Use different types of form input fields such as text, number, list-selection, date/time and more.
  • Specify required fields and other validation.
  • Include custom content such as text, images, links, tables and more.
  • In addition to scheduling, you can design forms for any purpose.


Manage your client and personal appointments through our full-featured online calendar.

  • Select agenda, day, work week, week, month, or time-line views.
  • View calendars for multiple users at one time.
  • Create recurring appointments.
  • View your online calendar in other applications such as Outlook or Google Calendar.


Use automatic emails to keep your clients informed about their appointments.

  • Have confidence your clients will keep their appointments through automatic reminder/confirmation emails.
  • You and your clients receive notifications when appointments are scheduled or changed.
  • Include documents as attachments to your client emails.


Quickly generate and send invoices for appointments using either our built-in invoicing or QuickBooks integration.

  • Generate and send invoices automatically.
  • Bill by appointment, scheduled time, or actual time.
  • Billing rates and options can be configured separately for each type of appointment.
  • Add billable options to your forms that allow your clients to select services or items that add additional charges. Options can be linked to your QuickBooks products and services.
  • Email, print, or download built-in invoices.
  • Allow your clients to pay their invoices online through your Stripe or QuickBooks account.


Manage information in customizable views.

  • Choose how you wish to view information with sorting, grouping, filtering, searching, and layout options.
  • View column totals, averages, minimums, and maximums.
  • Export data to pdf, docx, xls, xlsx, and csv files.